Pame Vang
Pame Studios

During my childhood, I was always fascinated with images. I just never knew that photography would be my thing. Ever since I first picked up a camera I've developed an eye for composition and perspective. What I enjoy most about photography are the people I'm photographing. With a passion for people, I discover my creativity through photography. I specialize in studio portraiture and creative digital editing.



What inspired you to become a photographer?
For me, photography was my calling. My passion and love for people is what inspired me to become a photographer.

What's your favorite subject to photograph?
People. I definitely enjoy photographing people whether it’s in studio or outdoors.

What's been your most memorable session and why?
My most memorable session would have to be my very first photo shoot with Nancy. As a teen, I’ve always took photos here and there but thankfully, Nancy agreed to do a fun photo shoot with me one day. That pretty much jumpstarted my photography career.

If you could go back ten years, what advice would you give yourself?
Life is too precious and too short. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed so live life with a purpose. Make a difference with the little time we have left.

What's your dream project?
I’ve always wanted to do something positive and make a difference with my photography. It’s been on my mind to help and raise awareness for individuals who suffer from depression. I want to make a positive impact and reach out to let them know that they are not alone. There’s always someone who cares and is listening.

Whether you're self-taught or have formal education in photography, what's been the best source of information for you as you grow as an artist?
Photographer friends, mentors and colleagues. When you surround yourself with individuals who are just as passionate as you are about the things you love, you’re really learning a lot. As we build our relationship, we’re also sharing ideas, tips, andtricks. We motivate one another and encourage one another. Everyone has a different taste and style, different ideas and views. In a way, we all become our own source of information for others.

What is one piece of advice you would want to share as a photographer?
Dreams do come true. Follow your passion.